A "Thermostat like UI" for Humidity and Co2 and others?


I recently started studying esphome as well as HA.
Recently, I encountered the problem of the inability to display climate UI (the graphics themselves in the “Overview”) as it is done by the Thermostat controller (or Bang-Bang Controller) in configuration Bang-Bang page says " For example, controlling humidity is also possible with this platform" but its not really …

My question is:
Is it possible to make the same component for other parameters such as gases, humidity, radiation, and any other parameters? so that we can simply enter the sensor ID and the name of the relay there in order to have a beautiful design and ease of control as it is done for temperature and cooling

Thank you.

Anybody ? :smirk:

It’s a good idea. I see the use cases. Maybe see what the devs over on Discord reckon?

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HI, @Mahko_Mahko thanks for ur reply, dunno about Discord.

Until a solution is found, we need to somehow change the icons, maybe there is some kind of hack?

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Yeah I do the same actually and just tolerate the wrong units;)

You could maybe fork the component and dig around and change the code if you really want to dig into it.

But TBH if you get onto Discord I bet the main devs there would point you in the right direction really quicky. Discord is where the ESPHome powerusers hang out…

Home Assistant already offers that for humidifiers

I wish it did for CO2, but you can always create template sensor serving CO2 as humidity or temperature and build regular thermostat/hygrostat on top of it