A UI to aspire to?


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A solution looking for a problem would be my description

I looked at this yesterday and decided the modelling required would not be worth the effort.

Eye candy. That’s all it is. Functionally it looks harder to control than a 2D floor plan or just grouped devices on a dashboard. I want simple and simple to me is a bird’s eye view of my house where I can see everything quickly.

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What @squirtbrnr, and others have said.

Quick and simple to use is the key. I don’t particularly group everything by room anyway.

I’m sure there are some people for whom it would be great, but I think they’re a minority.

technically rather cool that this can be done in a browser.

however I prefer a minimal clean 2d interface for everyday use.

a mini 3d preview added maybe nice however

I certainly wouldn’t implement it myself. I spend enough time implementing a simple ui in lovelace! (Hence the ? in my subject line)

However I am sure sone people thought floorplan was ott when it came out :slight_smile:

“Wait honey, don’t flip that switch. I’ll just strap on these VR goggles and get that light turned right on for you.” … slaps wife in face with ‘on’ gesture …“Youch!” :crazy_face: