A way to hide entities from HA

I have a zigbee dual relay device that runs my heating, unfortunately it defines itself as a light switch. So when my “someone pressed a light switch” automation enumerates the lights in the room where the heating is set up and kindly switches them, I get interesting heating results.
I need a way to make the lights not be lights or some way to exclude them from the light domain.
I could create a new area an place them in there, but there are likely to be other use cases where this type of domain filtering or altering is needed.
Thank you for any help on this.

This is already possible. You can both change what kind of entity the relay shows itself as and you can hide it. 2022.4: Groups! Groups! Groups! - Home Assistant

You can change a switch entity to another type, but not a light entity, which mine are, to a switch type. Also when you hide entities they do not stop existing and being acted on by the system, they only dissapear from the GUI, so a bit of code collecting lights in an area would find hidden entities in that area.