A way to use zwave configuration parameters in a template sensor

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I have a Gocontrol Linear GC-TBZ48 Zwave thermostat. I’ve been debugging some of the more advanced features of the thermostat. One of the things this thermostat does is that there are some states that may get reported back via zwave configuration variables. For example, if someone on the thermostat control panel changes the run/hold mode from run to hold, configuration variable #39 will change from 1 to 0. The homeassistant is indeed receiving the configuration report from openzwave and updating the values in the zwave control panel, however I don’t know of any way of being able to use this in a template sensor. I would like to be able to template this value to use it in automations. HA can currently do the reverse,be able to set a zwave config parameter via a script, but not use a zwave config parameter as a input.

The closest thing I could find is the service zwave.print_config_parameter, but that prints it to a logfile. Curiously, the zwave attributes of a device include things like baud rate and the neighbor table. Perhaps the list of zwave configuration variables can be exposed as an attribute as an encoded string “1:255, 5:10” Where parameter 1 is 255 and parameter 5 is 10. I could at at least use regex_search in a template on that string to accomplish what I want.

Did you found a solution to this?

No. I don’t know how many other zwave devices report back data via configuration data instead of via a appropriate zwave command class, so there may be little demand for such a thing to be implemented.

I found this thread hoping that we could use the config parameters…ouch. I went ahead and voted, just because. I currently have an Inovelli dimmer that supports notifications via it’s led strip, and it really sucks not being able to get feedback from it to check what notification is currently set via the config…

I don’t have an Inovelli dimmer yet (just ordered one off of amazon today), but saw this randomly while searching for a related issue: https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/z-wave/device-specific/#inovelli-scene-capable-onoff-and-dimmer-wall-switches

Might help…

That doesn’t affect config parameters being able to be read back into HA from what I’m seeing. Only the scene activations, which I have working already.

To add, those scenes are not applicable to the current generation Inovelli stuff. Just the last generation.