A1-SLWF-03 LED Controller

Hello Community. I bought me an A1-SLWF-03 Led Controller , which is based on ESP-32 board. Looks nice, but I can’t connect this one to my network. In my WIFI list it’s shows like a WLED-AP and it’s secure by password, which ( how I understand) is a1slwf03, but on all my devices(Laptop, Android phone or tablet) it’s said" can’t connect to this network". I submit a ticket on manufactory website 5 days ago, but no answer yet. Is anyone got this device, and if yes, what you use for password and how to connect . Thank you

Password is wled1234

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Just got an email from them. Password is the same like for WLED lights.
wled1234. Device is looked promised. Added to esphome without any problem