Aarlo configuration - motion sensors never changing state

I am relatively new to Home Assistant, I will try to explain this as best as I can.

I have configured Home Assistant to access my Arlo cameras using the Aarlo HACS integration. Currently I can access my cameras, view live footage, and view my recently recorded library through Home Assistant, so that is all working correctly.

What I want to do is create some automations triggered when the Arlo cameras detect motion. The Aarlo integration created some binary motion detection sensors, but no automations are working because these switches never change state, even when motion is detected based on notifications from the Arlo app.

In developer tools I see motion sensors for both cameras which are in the state of “off”. However, in the history both sensors report “clear” as do the sound detection sensors and this state has never changed since I configured it. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Here are the relevant sections from my config file:

  host: https://my.arlo.com
  username: [EMAIL]
  password: [PASSWORD]
  db_motion_time: 30
  db_ding_time: 10
  recent_time: 10
  last_format: '%m-%d %H:%M'
  refresh_devices_every: 2
  verbose_debug: True
  tfa_host: 'imap.gmail.com'
  tfa_username: [TFA EMAIL]
  tfa_password: [TFA PASSWORD]

  - platform: aarlo
    away_mode_name: armed
    home_mode_name: home
    night_mode_name: night
    trigger_time: 30
    alarm_volume: 8

  - platform: aarlo
    - last_capture
    - total_cameras
    - battery_level
    - captured_today
    - signal_strength

  - platform: aarlo
    - motion
    - sound
    - ding
  - platform: aarlo
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Same problem here. Has been working fine but since a couple of days ago the motion detection stopped working. Works fine in Arlo-app but it isnt forwarded to Home Assistant. Did you find a fix for it?

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I had the same problem (live feeds working, but motion sensor events stopped firing) and eventually found the solution in the README (of all places!)

Switching the backend to sse fixed it for me.

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