ABB solar invertor. Don't know where to start!

Hi. I have Home Assistant up and running after a week of tweaking and playing. Got the lights, Sonos and Telegram integrations working, spliced together with NodeRed. Now I’m looking for my next challenge.

I have an ABB invertor in the garage. Miles away from my Home Assistant! It has a serial interface but what would I need to buy/do to get it feeding info to my Home Assistant? Could I use a PiZero maybe and a USB to RS232 cable? What software would I need on the PiZero? I could wifi that up quite easily… that’d be a great next project!

Thanks for pointers and help! Much appreciated

Yes. You may connect pi at that location and create script that control by rs232 or just run 2nd HA instance at remote location and connect to main location by eventstream/statestream integration or use HA rest API

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