Ability for hue effect colour/color loop random to switch to none

I can switch a hue bulb to colour/color loop but if I wish to no longer get it to do this I have to switch off light and switch back on, can you have an option in the effects menu to None or Standard that does this without switching off light?

Even if I switch off light and switch it back on the effect menu still shows the last selected value.

+1 this has been an issue for years. I have some lights if someone picks loop I have to disconnect power to reset it and stop the loop.

For real? I never realized this! A what the heck for me for sure!

+1. Just doing some routine maintenance on HA today and my son has three Innr spots, connected via a Hue Hub. One of the Innr is a colour one, and it was stuck in a random colour effect. I had to use ‘State’ in the developer section to set the effect to ‘none’ to stop it looping.

Agree, it feels silly that you can turn an effect on but then have no clear way of turning it off. Especially since (IMO at least) color effects are typically party tricks that you use for a minute or two before they get annoying.

I opened a FR for this last year here and it was implemented but quickly reverted since it was determined that all the light platforms handle this differently.

So it would require backend changes to the various light platforms.

I’m not sure if this issue was adressed but i still haven’t got the option to select “solid color” or “none” under the effects dropdown. This makes the colorloop useless in my case since I have to reset the bulb to fix it.

Just faced the same issue, attempting effect: stop or effect: none had no effect.

The only option I had was to power cycle the controllers, which are fed from the top of kitchen cabinets.