Ability to add meta info to <head> in HASS UI

Connecting with outside services sometimes requires a meta tag or similar to be placed in the <head> of the HTML generated by HASS. The common method to handle this currently is to manually edit the core files that are used to generate the HTML. But these changes don’t survive upgrades and outside services occasionally check back to confirm ownership.

I’m thinking specifically of the meta tag required to authenticate with Google when setting up an HTML5 Push notification. But the idea could extend to other uses.

My suggestion: define meta key/value pairs in YAML within the HTTP component.

  api_password: password
    - name: 'keyname'
      content: 'metavalue'
    - name: 'anotherkey'
      content: 'anothervalue'

Which’d render

<meta name="keyname" content="metavalue">
<meta name="anotherkey" content="anothervalue">

I could see this being extended in a more general sense to allow any freeform info to be added to <head>. That’d allow for people that are trying to add their own CSS or JS to HASS.

  head: "<style>html { background-color: #eeeeee; }</style><meta name='key' content='content'>"