Ability to Disable Refresh Tokens for an Trusted Network

I have a home assistant setup where I run HA on my Ubuntu server. The server is internet facing, and HA is accessible to the outside world on a subdomain. The same subdomain can be used internally to access the instance, and the request is just routed directly to the server without ever leaving the internet.

I’d like to use the trusted networks feature to allow guests to log into our Home Assistant instance and access light/media controls for the time that they are in the house and connected to our WiFi network. I have trusted networks set-up to support this, however whenever you log in with trusted networks an option to save the login in presented. If you click save, and then leave the trusted network, that device remains authenticated indefinitely allowing remote access to anyone who previously logged in from the WiFi network.

I’d like some way of being able to disabled Refresh Tokens for a user within a trusted network so they’re unauthenticated as they leave it. This can’t be that niche of a use case, so if anyone has any feedback that would be greatly appreciated. I am a programmer but have never done any work on HA before. I’m happy to put some time into this if someone could give some pointers about the best way of implementing it.