Ability to draw remotes

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We need a visual constructor, where you upload a picture of your remote control and mark the coordinates of the buttons. With the ability to draw pressed area in form of a rectangle and a circle. Now lovelace cards are not very suitable for buttons. Media player also has not all buttons.

Maybe it’s more that we need a Lovelace config that aligns better to media player remotes? A photo of a actual remote control would take up a fair amount of space, and typically the buttons would be a bit on the small side for a digital UI where we are using a mouse and can’t feel the buttons with our fingers to tell which is which (even on touch screens).

Sometimes (every six months) you need to find a very rare button on the remote control and press it. Accordingly, it would be very cool if there was a button in the media player: show a physical remote control with all available buttons.

Have you seen this from HACS? It’s not exactly what you are after but may provide an adequate workaround:


Also it will nice to have bigger forward/ rewind on button press