Ability to enter server info but don't require verification?

Figured it was time to pony up for the ‘Pro’ version today while I was out working, but was left unable to configure since I wasn’t at home and since local access has to be set up first I was unable to move on the external access info.

Also: would have been nice if ‘Free’ would have just been upgraded instead of having to do a new install… it’s cool and all… easy enough to uninstall an app… took a couple extra seconds to figure out which was free and which was pro since their both just named ‘Ariela’ but if the free version had simply been upgraded (or had pro features simply unlocked) I wouldn’t have had the above issue of having to reconfigure accesses.

(great app by the way)

also: is it a known issue that when in WebUI mode with the sandwich menu open trying to scroll up on any part of the page causes a drag-refresh?

Thank you very much for the support. Indeed, PRO version of Ariela is a separate app. In the future i will add a method that will allow sending FREE credentials to PRO one, or viceversa.

That will be the best solution, but it will require some days of developing. I will see what i can do about this.

Thank you very much, i am glad you like the app :smiley:

Yes, this is a known issue. You can disable pull to refresh option from Ariela -> Settings, in this way this situation can be avoided.

Please let me know if you have further questions / issues.

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