Ability to filter by empty/null/unassigned category, label, area, floor

It doesn’t seem possible to filter automations, entities, etc. by those that do not have a category, labels, area or floor assigned. The only available options when filtering is everything or choosing existing categories.

Now with the so much welcome ability to organize everything I am finding myself not being able to filter to focus on the things that have not been yet organized.

I know that you can group by category/area, which pushes all elements without a category to the bottom but it’d be helpful to just see the elements that have not yet been categorized or assigned. Also, grouping doesn’t seem to be available for labels though, which would make this even more helpful.

The use case: I want to assign missing areas → it would be cool if I cool just filter on automations without area assigned (the “tick” could be a special “No area” option).

Same with other kind of filters.