Ability to filter on more than 1 entity in Logbook, and add auto-refresh to logbook

During troubleshooting, it would be good if in Logbook, it was possible to multi-select in some way entities so I can watch them together. At present I can do this with multiple tabs open across different screens but it would be easier if I could just filter the logbook to a number of entities.

Seperatley, but related, it would be good if the Logbook could be set to auto-refresh (especially if my first request is accepted) so that I can have a screen with Logbook open and it auto-refreshes showing events for just the set of entities I am interested in whilst troubleshooting


I was planning to send in a similar feature request, and found this. I would also love to see possibility for multi-select on both logbook and history + an easy way to clear it all when Iā€™m done. Another related feature that I guess could be combined with this is to enable a kind of wildcard select when typing instead of selecting. For instance writing *kitchen* to get everything named something with kitchen and light.* and similar.

Today I find the usability of history and logbook quite limited, but when I really want to use them it is usually to compare several entities (and typically take a snip to discuss it with someone). So the multiple-select would solve my need, but a flexible way of selecting by writing wildcards would make it really userfriendly too.

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Fully agreed, I also had the same need and I found this Request. It is definetively possible also by using something else like DB explorer or InfluxDB/Graphana, but it is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

+1, use case: see all logbook entries related announcement entities (e.g. automations)