Ability to move a view to another dashboard

In homeassistant we can have different dashboards with different views with different cards.
We can move cards between dashboards and views.
It would be nice to have the ability to duplicate and move entire views between dashboards.

For now you can use the Raw configuration editor.


any changes or update on this?

Bump. Any update on adding this?

Yes, you can use Raw configuration editor, but (at least for me) it is not easy at all in situations where there are multiple views with each having multiple cards. Adding a similar duplicate feature (e.g., an option under the View Configuration menu) would be a huge help.

Bumping this

This is really needed especially with Browser Mod since having the same dashboard shared between users causes BM to open pop ups on the others screens. We should be able to copy/duplicate the dashboard/tabs to other dashboards easily and then just make changes from there.