Ability to select what Google Sheet document to write to

The Google Sheets integration is good, but during setup and later there is no way to select an already existing document outside of the one created by the integration. I have several HA systems at various properties that I want to all write data to a central Google Sheet. While I can use some IMPORTRANGE magic to merge data, it’s not exactly the nicest way to deal with things.

It would be nice to be able to actually select a given Google Sheets document using the unique document ID. I see that it’s already stored in the integration configuration but trying to change it (and restart HA) to a different document then results in a 404 from Google. This tells me that when the sheets integration is first setup it’s doing something specific to get a single document API token (that I can’t seem to find having been assigned in my Google account). It would be nice if during the integration setup we could select an already existing document or create a new one.

Also, currently automatically created documents are placed in a “root” folder whereas I would like to keep them in a special folder.

That much I can say you’re partially in control over. Once the document is created you can move it with no issues as the document ID doesn’t change.

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You are right.

  1. Create a new Google Sheet integration.
  2. A new sheet file is created.
  3. Move this file where you need in Google Drive, rename the file.
  4. The file is still connected to the integration.