Abode integration, incorrect water leak sensor data

I am using the abode integration and for the most part it works beautifully except for the water leak sensor.
According the the abode app the sensor is simply reporting online
I also integrate home assistant with Apple HomeKit and that’s were the issue occurs. It is interpreting the data coming from the abode integration as an active water leak.

Is there a way in the UI or code that I can alter the value mapping either on the abode integration side or on the HomeKit gateway integration?
I’ve worked with code quite a bit at work but I’m brand new to home assistant.

I’ve made some progress, instead of using the abode integration, I added the abode hub as a HomeKit device in HA. Doing it this way, it reports the water leak sensor data correctly as Dry

The only bummer is that when I’m away from the house I can only see the abode hub in HomeKit not any connected sensors.
I can still change the alarm state in HomeKit (which is the priority) or see everything in the abode app.

But is their any way to set it up so I can see the attached abode sensors in HomeKit when away from home?