Abode status not updating as of 0.95.4

I noticed that abode was no longer working in version 0.95.0. It was working, but seemed to stop after my homeassistant server rebooted. Specifically, there was an error in lovelace and a “config” error in the log.

I upgraded to 0.95.4 and it started working again. However, there’s a new issue.

The status does not seem to update. I’m able to set it from Standby to Away or Home mode. I hear the beep on the gateway that the mode has changed, as well as the alert on my phone. However, lovelace doens’t show any change in status. So, I’m not able to set the status back to Standby from lovelace.

I upgraded to 0.96.5, and I get the same thing.

To further troubleshoot, I tried it on 0.95.3. To my surprise, everything works as it should. Going back to 0.95.4 or 0.96.5 presents the same ui not updating issue.