About a possible light luminosity sensor

Hi everyone,
I ve some automatic blinds in home controlled through a pair of sonoff with tasmota and HA. I want to go one step further. I want the blinds being open depending on the exterior light. I ve read that with a wemus d1 mini and a bh 1750 I can afford a cheap sensor as I want, it s correct? I suppose I ll ve to install tasmota to wemus?

Once time flashed, I ll ve to connect the sensor through wifi to HA and then configure the blinds script. I m oook? :sunglasses:


Anyway, I recommend esphome https://esphome.io/cookbook/temt6000.html?highlight=lux

hey! sorry my english… :slight_smile: well, I am newbie in this scope, but I like it. I ve seen the temt6000, thanks! is like the bh 1750? a light sensor, no? this would have to be connected to a board, wemos, or sparkfun? (first one is cheaper!). I would have this sensor hooked in a window waiting to work for the sunset (cause in the morning the blind would not let it work :smiley: I don’t think I could hook this to the exterior of my home, with power, not? :blush:

Actually why not just trigger on the sun sensor?

the sun sensor of HA? is a software one, no?

Yes, see https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/automation/trigger/#sun-trigger

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I ll ve to start using this right now but I keep the hardware solution for a nearer future! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot