About BRUH Automation video with NODEMCU CH340

Hey Guys.

Can i add it to HA after done it?

If you haven’t done this already, you may want to wait. Ben’s been working on another automated blinds project and I believe it’s one of the next videos coming up.

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Thanks rpitera

I’m in fact just use has code with MG995 Servo and NODEMCU to make a lock door.
so i want to able to lock and unlock via HA. and not via phone like ben did.

so just ask how can i make it? via MQTT?

I don’t have any NodeMCU experience - something that will change in a few weeks or so when my orders come in from his multisensor video - but I would assume that MQTT would be the way to go if you have experience with using it already.

100% threadjacking here so sorry mp3lll. @rpitera when you stuff comes in and you assemble please either start a thread or shoot me a PM with how it went. I am very interested in the multi sensors.

Hey did you see this? Esp8266 Window Blinds MQTT

I’ll definitely do a write up here. I also finally pulled the trigger and bought a small starter 3D printer, so I’ll be printing my own enclosures too!


Can i control how many rounds will be?
What the code are you use Mqtt in ha?

Yes you would have to add some code to the Arduino sketch and then add an additional device with different topics for each device.

Do you know where i can find a code for it?
as i see the Ben code will work fine, but i dont know how can i add it to HA in order to “On/off”

I’m using ben’s code and I have linked it to HA. I used mosquitto broker and my mosquitto broker is linked to HA. instead of blinds am using it on curtain which pulls the curtain from corners

this is my config in HA


  - platform: mqtt
    name: Curtain Status
    state_topic: local/blinds/nw/state  


  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Curtain Control"
    command_topic: "local/blinds/nw/command"
    #state_topic: "/blinds/state"
    payload_on: "open"
    payload_off: "close"

ashfaaaa Thanks!

Find it!

So i need to add my mosquitto to ben code? can you tell me what the code that i need to make in order to add to the code? how this know to connect the ben code?

sorry for nob Questions

Thanks! Thanks!

are you using MQTT on HA…if yes which MQTT broker you’re using?


i never use MQTT, just now i need to in order to use ben code right?
as i see ben video, i need to install Mosquitto on my Raspberry Pi also with HA?
i just did not understand how the mqtt control the CH340.

Thanks for your help.

I’m not using HA on pi im using it on Windows 10. if you are new to mqtt try cloudmqtt.com its easy to setup compared to mosquitto.there is a video on ben’s channel how to setup couldmqtt on HA just follow the setup of cloudmqtt part ignore owntracks part for now.

yes i see this video, so after that i add the info from cloudmqtt.com to the code and flash the CH340?

did u create an account in cloudmqtt? did you setup cloudmqtt in HA as shown in the video? if I’m not wrong CH340 is a Programmer, right? i used esp8266 01 to control my curtain.

i will test it soon, you are the best!

the CH340 is base on esp8266 .

Sorry for reviving this but can anyone supply me with the sketch code? Its not available anymore in the link he provided, and i can find it anywhere.