About design and marketing

Hi guys, I wonder what is the proper place to discuss these two topics. I am not talking about the UX of the actual product, but websites (main home-assistant.io), branding etc, so it doesn’t seem that the discord dev channels are the correct ones.

I love the platform and I feel we can do much better in terms of both, so more people can find, understand, and enjoy it.

I guess there is no such thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ideas on how to create some new channel or topic for design, marketing and branding?

I don’t know where you can turn to help Home Assistant achieve more success. Unless you can offer your design services to them via email. Try to show your CV and portfolio, so they think about your candidacy to create a new design and optimize the site. I also like this platform. I met interesting people and hard-working developers here. And I found people for my team here. I’d appeal to you, but I already cooperate with Transform Agency. They created our brand’s website and found UX developers. No one among us would work with mobile applications. But if you know how to do more than just web design, we’ll accept you into our team.