About ESPHOME Web configuration network

Hello, everyone

I have a problem and I hope to get your help:

I currently have 200pcs ESP32 that I need to build sensors on.


Using ESP32-POE, create a fixed IP in the ESPHOME ymal program as the default IP management address.

I want to log in to the web using the default IP and change the specified IP address for the ESP32.

PS:no DHCP server,

Is there a good way? I hope you can help. Thank you.

What is exactly the issue, as it isn’t very clear :thinking:


I assume you want a quick way to build 200 devices, and that you don’t want to manage them with the ESPHome dashboard? I have to ask, if you are giving them all individual names (required for connection to HA) why can’t you assign them individual IP addresses at the same time?

That aside, use Captive Portal. Do NOT assign a manual IP address or the captive portal will not launch. Boot the device up, connect via the portal SSID and IP address ( and assign wifi credentials there. POE only??? And no DHCP? Possibly not a good use case for ESPHome.

If these are purely POE connection then you are stuck. ESPHome does not support changing IP address via anything other than DHCP or YAML