About the home assistant integration standard weather API for call

Our company wants to develop a home assistant with multiple sensors that can be integrated to receive and display. I would like to know if Home Assistant has a weather API that supports multiple sensors that can be called, such as multi-channel temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, UV index, lightning pressure. pm2.5

You can create your own: Creating your first integration | Home Assistant Developer Docs.

Use an existing integration:

Or see what others are doing:

Definitive guide to Weather integrations 🌦.

If your company is wanting to work with Home Assistant, this program may be helpful to them.

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Probably a language barrier, but that sentence doesn’t make much sense.
Are you planning:

  • To implement HA: then what do you mean by develop?
  • Develop a device with multiple sensors that pushes to HA? Then you’ll (probably) need to create an integration as said above
  • Develop a device that pulls from HA? See the API here: REST API | Home Assistant Developer Docs