About the Smartmy Home Assistant

Hello everyone, let’s start by thanking the creators and everyone who participated in this magnificent platform that is Home Assistant.
We present our application project, which is aimed at the possibility of using Home Assistant to all family members, without the need to view and therefore be able to interact with all devices managed by Home Assistant.
So any smartphone or tablet that has SmartMy Home Assistant installed will be able to configure and manage only the devices that it deems appropriate; for example, a child will be able to use and configure only the devices in their room, without being able to touch the rest.
The project was born on March 24, 2019 with the Application SmartMy Home Assistant Premium (paid) present in the Play Store, created completely with Tasker and that we are now reporting with in Android Studio and making it free from June 26, 2019.
All of the features listed in SmartMy Home Assistant are part of the project created with the paid app and will be integrated a little at a time.
The current features of SmartMy Home Assistant are:

  • Access via Home Assistant data
  • Manage all devices in Home Assistant
  • Ability to set security when the application starts to avoid accidental openings
  • Device tracker, the ability to use Gps location or via Wifi to record your location on Home Assistant, via the Mobile App component;
  • Organization in Rooms independent of Home Assistant, ability to place devices in preset rooms;
  • Read/remove and create notifications, the ability to read and remove or create notifications issued by Home Assistant;
  • Ability to use Lite or Dark Theme, or Day/Night mode that applies one of the two themes based on the time.;
  • Voice commands to turn devices on or off.

The app contains advertisements.

for Updates visite Post "UPDATE AND CHANGELOG"

Link Playstore



This topic and OP seems completely random. WHAT?

Since the OP was changed…

Make your family use Home Assistant, choosing the configuration that best suits everyone.


Yeah he opened a lot of different topics about his app and now he even has his own category?

We added the category at their request because we do want to treat all apps for Home Assistant fairly. It’s an experiment and if certain categories don’t get enough traction we’ll drop them again.


I understand, didn’t realize there was a category for all the other apps as well, thought it was only for the official two apps.

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I installed your application but I wanted to know how to integrate the cameras how can I do ??
Do I have to integrate them on the Home Assistant before I can use them on the application ??
Anyway, the app seems to work properly.


Notifications work when the app is in the background or closed ??
I’m testing it on tablet 7 "Android 7.0 and it seems to be fine but I wanted to understand how to customize the name of my rooms.


Hi and thanks! You have to integrate the camera on the home assistant and then see it through the application.


Yes the app must be in background.
We add the possibility to change the NAME of room in next update.


Hi and thank you very much for the attention you reserve us. You read the topic when it was created together with the admin of the forum on our request, so you didn’t see all the updates that were made.

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Hello and thank you so much for all that you have created, it is a pleasure to see your answer and attention on our post.
We will try to bring news through the application to make Home Assistant usable by all family members.

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The topic, and the post was confusing.

Why is the thread that contains your app not used for explaining what it does?

This is honestly the first time I am hearing about this app. I had seen no mention of it anywhere else in the forums or on reddit, so this thread seemed like weird spam to me at first.

The Update with your request is online!


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