About the Voice Assistant Contest category

We are organizing a voice assistant contest between the 17th of January 2024 and the 10th of March 2024. You can win some Home Assistant Green, Home Assistant SkyConnect, and a chance to be on a livestream with us to talk about your work.

Read the announcement on our blog post


When does the contest start?

Right now :slight_smile: !

When does the contest end?

On the 10th of March

How do I participate?

You post your work in this forum category, that’s how you officially enter the contest.

When will you announce the winners?

On the 15th of March

What are the categories?

  • Most creative satellite ideas
  • Best Starting Guides
  • Best events organized, best group effort
  • Best voice experiences

(Read the blog post for more details on each categories) (Link to be added)

What are the prizes?

For each category, the winner will receive:

Runners-up will receive a Home Assistant SkyConnect

The community will also get a chance to vote for a favorite entry, the choice of the community will also receive the same prizes as a category winner (Green, SkyConnect, a spot on the livestream on the 10th of April)

How many times can I enter the contest?

As many as you want, however, we will be judging quality over quantity. We recommend focusing on one project and nailing it instead of spreading your time and effort on multiple projects.

If we win as a team (regardless of the category), how many prizes do we get?

The prizes are per winning entry. If a winning entry was submitted by a group, the group would get the same prizes regardless of the number of members in the team.

Do you ship prizes everywhere?

Unfortunately, the Bureau of Industry and Security of the U.S.A. prevents us from shipping prizes to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

Other than that, we will try!

Does my entry need to be open-source

If it’s applicable (It might not be for the “Best Starting Guides” category): Yes, your project must be open-source

Does my entry need to use Home Assistant and Assist

Yes indeed, the contest is centered around Assist, the voice assistant of Home Assistant.
Contest entries must be based on it.

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Thanks for the excuse to put more time, energy, and organization into an ongoing project!

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This a great idea! I only setup my first HomeAssistant at the end of 2023 and am enjoying the learning. I can’t wait to see what this contest brings. And if I can maybe even join in myself.

very good idea

I’m really excited about that. The topic is also consuming a lot of my time and brain activity at the moment. After all, Alexa now jumps into a special voice of the NabuCloud. And she doesn’t just execute, but interacts using scenarios and asks whether she should do something and then waits for the answer. I can now also call up the voice assistant directly on the walldashboard with any wakeword and have integrated ChatGPT there. And the next project will be an ESP32-S3-BOX-3, so we’ll see what the final combination looks like. I will then also publish it.