ABUS HomeTec


Did anyone try / manage to add ABUS HomeTec to Home Assistant.

It’s a relatively inexpensive wireless door lock but I can’t find any information on the data transfer method except that it’s secured with AES-128-Bit.


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Do you have any news?

Once more asking for an update. Any news on how to integrate one of theese locks?


Anyone any news or luck to get it working with HA? I see there are two different versions:
Bluetooth and Zigbee
According to this thread the Zigbee one is working with FHEM, if I’m not mistaken:

According to thread you have linked its a Z-Wave not Zigbee

Actually, there are three versions of this device:

  • ABUS CFA3010 - Z-Wave, should work fine with HA, but the is no keypad, no keyfob and no fingerprint scanner compatible with this version.
  • ABUS CFA3100 - Bluetooth, which can work with a keypad (CFT3100), with a fingerprint scanner (CFS3100), with a keyfob (CFF3100), but needs a Wi-Fi bridge (CFW3100) if you want to connect it to the internet. I have no idea if this bridge can talk with HA, but maybe there is someone here who can develop a new HA integration for this.
  • ABUS CFA3000 - RF 868 MHz, can work with a keypad (CFT3000) and with a keyfob (CFF3000), but there is no fingerprint scanner and no bridge that can be used to connect this device to HA server. Maybe someone could create a bridge with ESP32-H2 or ESP32-C6 and use Zigbee to connect it with HA?