AC controllers from SmartThings are coming in as incomplete Thermostats, so are not Climate domain

I have SmartThings AC controllers (Cielo Breez) that are coming in with attributes as if they are Thermostats, and they are missing the Heating Setpoint thus are not making it to the Climate domain. They work as-expected in SmartThings itself.

I have set them up as Generic Thermostats for now, but that means I’m missing some of the in-built functionality for them. Any ideas if this is a bug or oversight in the SmartThings HA integration? Why must a Thermostat have BOTH Heating and Cooling Set Points? I have lived in some places with only Heat and some with only AC so you would think this would be a handled scenario…

Any ideas how to address this?

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Did you ever find a better solution for this issue?

I’m in the same situation. I’m using a Cielo Breez to control a mini split AC unit, added to SmartThings and pulled into Home Assistant from there. The device has a number of entities for individual climate attributes, but no actual climate entity, just as your screenshot shows.

The Cielo Breez can be added to Google Home, so I looked into using the device via the Google Assistant integration, but the thermostat functionality is more limited in Google Home, as compared to SmartThings.