AC Powered Wifi Motion Sensor

Hi Guys, I’m looking for a Motion Sensor which is able to communicate via WiFi and does not require batteries (230V is wired there). So far I was not successful finding such, expect this on which would work with a 230V to 5V transformer:
Could you please help me out with this?

Are you up for a DIY project?

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Hi Wellsy, thanks for your answer.

If not a must, then not. But if there is no other options, then yes.
I have 2 ideas if such device does not exist:

  1. Buying a battery powered smart PIR and then removing the batteries and connecting a transformer.
  2. Buying a regular dummy PIR and putting a smart relay (like Shelly1) behind it.

But I’d be more happy with an “out of the box” solution :slight_smile:

@jegember Ok then the transformer (or an AC powered usb supply possibly?) powered device might be your best bet.

One option would be to use older wifi security cameras. Many of the older Sercomm models can be found on Ebay. They have the ability to send notifications via http/https post. I’ve setup older icamera 1000s to issue webhook notification on event triggers of motion detection and/or PIR detection…

I also have some OC821 cameras that have the additional capability of audio detection. I purchased 12 brand new complete kits on ebay for $80.

Both models are indoor/outdoor. Motion/PIR detection, event triggers, event schedules can all be managed stand alone on each camera and are independent from the smart home system you use. Bonus to use as a camera in homeassistant. Below is an info link.

Thanks very much guys! So basically I need to start finding “workaround”…

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Easiest DIY is an ESP32 board wired to an HC-SR501, using a wall-wart 5VDC power transformer to drive it. The ESPHome add-on package makes this very easy.

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This is how I did this. You could do something similar or the same (if you have a spare S26)

@jegember You can build something that will end up looking like this with a modified sonoff basic and few other bits:

Your DIY and tech skills need to be up for it though?

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How about this

After a while I came back to this project and come up with the following (theoretical) solution:

  • Motion sensor: Sonoff PIR 2 (runs on 2xAA batteries and communicates via RF).
  • Power supply: instead of the AA batteries, a simple 3V transformer (needs minimal soldering).
  • Communications: the RF signals from the Sonoff PIR 2 will go into my Sonoff RF Bridge. This will turn the RF messages into MQTT messages which then can be processed by HASS. (I tried this with simple RF buttons so this part works fine.)

Items ordered, I’ll let you know how this goes.

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Okay, so far this setup runs with the “2 AA batteries solution”. I’m still waiting for my 3V transformer (Covid makes shipping slow) but other than that it works perfectly for weeks now.

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