AC voltage regulate water heater

hallo. want to do heat op a big water tank 300L with my surplus solar power.

i finally found some component’s i trust will be able to adjust the power to the heater element but need to controller it but cant find the bedst way to do it :confused:

i thing the bedst way is som kind off pwm controller but maybe you know better. :slight_smile: :laughing:
i’m pretty new to esp setups but i’m up for the challenge
i want to add som temperature sensorens to so i can see the temps inside so home assistant and it will be cool if i can add them to a single esp

the part

i am pretty sure i want to use a esp32 30PIN CH9102X but maybe there is a better device

the Three phase AC voltage regulators needs on of 3 types of input to adjust the power out

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