Acces IOT in different subnet on different network?

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I’ve just reconfigured my whole network with new routers (mesh netwerk) behind my first router.

My Zyxel router has got a NAS server connected with TrueNAS scale (
The asus router ( is in a DMZ and serves the mesh netwerk (10.0.1.x) with all IoT and computers.

Now when i try to connect HA ( with my IoT (10.0.1.x) it doesn’t seem to connect. I think i need to add some rules to my asus router?

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To get to any network, you need a route. Typically with most home networks you only have one local network or subnet and get to the rest of the world using a default route. Your Zyxel router will have a default route of the next device up the chain towards your ISP.

What you need to do is add a route to your zyxel router to tell it how to get to subnet 10.0.1.x. This would probably be destination network with a next hop of (your Asus router). Depending how you setup the Asus router, you may also need a route in your Asus router to tell it how to get to other networks. Based on your diagram a default route of with a next hop of

Hope this helps.

If those are home routers, you look like you are running double NAT. Thats going to make it difficult.

You need to at least turn off NAT and either enable dynamic routing between the two, or use a static route. I’ve done something similar to segment IoT, but I put a HA NIC as a leg into the IoT network, it just made everything so much easier.