Acces to linux / edit ethernet settings

I have problems with my Pi4, the ethernet port and my whole network speed.
After days of research my biggest hope is disabling the energy effiicient ethernet. but i struggle how to manage that.

There are some solutions, but they require linux comands or acces to /etc/systemd/system/

i also tried ethtool, but in HA OS it wont work.

there must be somewhing wrong with the settings, bc the sensors show “unknown” parameters on my Pi4, my Pi3b+ shows them correctly.

has anyone a solution how i disable this damn eee?

PLS help, right now i have a second raspi, lend by my friend, but he wants this pi back asap.

EEE is probably something that needs to be enabled on the other end too, so try to disable it there.


Did you find out how to solve that?

I’m struggling as I’m having the same issue and I don’t know how to disable ethernet eee

Thank you

Disable it on the switch or router or whatever there is in the other end.