Access Automations from custom components?


Simple question: Is possible to access the Automation Rules or an instance of the Automation Editor from within a platform or a component?

I ask this because, I’d like to access it via Python and create an automation rule when run HA for a custom component that i’m doing.

Sorry if this can be a stupid question but, after some Googling and research on the home assistant docs I couldn’t find anything about it.


If you are looking to trigger something on home assistant starting (or stopping) see here

Although it is hard to tell what you mean by “when run HA”.

Hello @nickrout and thanks for you reply.

Let me explain better.

What i’m searching for is, in a custom_component, something like this:, NAME, FUNCTION, SCHEMA)

but instead of service call do it for automations, similar to this:
hass.automation.register(...SOME PARAMETERS FOR AUTOMATION RULES HERE...)

In short, can I access the automation rules from python script?

In theory it may be possible by using stuff from

If your component is form automations only and you want to use python AppDaemon might be better.

What are you trying to do?

Hello @ludeeus and thanks for your reply.

The component that i’m tryng to do is a set of let’s encrypt certificate creation and update services that (currently) use the DuckDNS provider.

For this purpose, the component is not for automations only.
Thus, i think the best choice is the automation module from the link that you shared.

I’ve tried a bit in this hours to find how to use the class/method to add a rule, but the automation module seem a bit complicated to use in a python script (mainly for the absence of docs or examples for this purpose).

Thus, my conclusion is to add/retrieve a rule to the automations.yaml from python.
Do you know if there is a “standard” approach or module to read/write yaml file from home assistant?

Thanks in advance