Access camera from outside Home Assistant

Is it possible to get a snapshot from a camera (Netatmo) using an url to Home Assistant? I only need local access. The camera is integrated in HA already, I just want to access the image.

I found this:


How can i use this without password as plain url?

Depends on what machine localhost is referring to? Is it on the same machine Home Assistant is running on?

I need to access the image locally. I could make a snapshot and save it, but I would prefer the direct method (so I don’t have to delete it). The url is used in a shell script on the same computer.

With the above link I get 401.

Yes, after I typed it I realised my mistake and edited the response :sweat_smile: Sorry.

It does look like the url is incomplete, looking more like a folder than a link to a specific image or stream. But maybe I’m wrong, it could really be an inage without the proper extension.

No worries :slight_smile:

It should work with that url, although there is usually a timestamp payload. But since I can’t use this without authentication it won’t work anyway.

For my Eufy camera entities I discovered I could get the snaphot from:
But I do not know if this is how I was supposed to get at it and/or if that is integration specific or standard. I think it is partially specific, because the image is actually in a Homebase entity, that I think ‘inherited’ points to.

Seems to be specific to that camera. Thanks anyway.

I will make a local snapshot for now.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding. Is this an IP camera? Can you just use the IP address of the camera? Wouldn’t that be better than getting HA involved?

Yes, if that was possible. But Netatmo has a local vpn url that changes from time to time.