Access denied to new instance of HA on new server

Hi there,

I’m in the process of moving my HA docker instance (most recent stable) to a new server (with more disk space) and I’m getting an access denied on the new server.

Both HA instances are running in Docker. The old instance is on an x64 server running Debian 11 (with docker) and the new server is freshly installed with Debian 12 (and Docker).

I’ve transferred the data from the old .homeassistant folder to the new server using sudo rsync (-avu) and as far as I can see everything got transferred.

I’m getting an “Invalid username or password” on the new server using the same username/password as I did on the old server. What did I do wrong?


The last few times this has come up it’s been caused by people not running rsync as either the user running HA or root - and ignoring or suppressing the warnings.

Likely you’re missing a few key files from .storage/.

Interesting point. I’ll have to look into that. I ran rsync as sudo…


You were right on the money!
I resolved the issue by redoing the rsync job using the root account on the source server.

Thanks a lot!!

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