Access from internet

Hi guys,

just thinking about to buy a Raspberry Pi and install the Home Assistant. As my internet provide is only working with ipv6 I had in the past problems to access my services from internet. I guess to access Home Assistance I need to create NAT/port forwarding to it on my FritzBox? I mean there’s is no service in internet where the HA is going to and me will access the external server. Is that right?

This is a good case to look into the Nabu Casa cloud service for HA. While there are myriad ways to get to your system remotely, the service makes it dead simple to do so without having to mess with NAT and firewalls and all that.

If you want to make it as secure as possible, you would do something like DuckDNS and a VPN but that might be overkill for a lot of folks.

One way that doesn’t come up a lot that people forget is a secure way to access HA remotely, in a way, is to use HomeKit and let Apple handle your access and security and just make sure the things you want to access from afar exist in HomeKit. I would say I use this method 20x more than just direct to HA via any method.


A VPN is what I use. Less of a headache for security. As you have a FritzBox this router actually makes things easier for you.

The FritzBox will allow you to connect to its own built in VPN. And FritzBox also run their own service to replace the DuckDNS bit.

Using the FritzBox VPN means you can just connect your phone, laptop, whatever to that. Once connected you are basically “inside” your home network.

Follow the instructions to enable the FritzBox VPN. Then from outside the house, connect to VPN and access your HA using the same IP address as if you were at home.

Yes it is geeky, but so is port forwarding. A VPN is secure, port forwarding isn’t.

Or pay for Nabu Casa to avoid having to think about the geeky setup.