Access from outside to homeassistant

Im new in this forum and project homeassistant…
Greetings to all !
Even before I started the project I wanted to set up remote access to my home assistant and first problem was here.
I have static IP from my ISP, i forward port 8123 to my asus thinker, where i have HAOS, but unsuccessfully . If I try in my explorer in my home type i connect without problem. Form outside i type my outside IP no answer. Im not new with create port forwarding - i use some application, work fine, the operator also confirmed the correct settings.
I also can’t access it with the mobile app
Where is problem ?

I try use home assistent with zigbee TH sensors, u buy zigbee USB key-dongle and i connect my first sensor to home assistant. But if a have no outside connection is nothing…

Second plan is, somehow push this value from sensor to my PRTG network server… if anyone has experience I will be very grateful

Regards !


That then implies that either your port forwarding is not working (verify that it is LISTENING for 8123 and it is FORWARDING to 8123) or that the default gateway on HA is not the router that is port-forwarding.

Is it possible to change port in HomeAssistant ? I would like to try some other port

I’m trying without success, I also changed the ip HA, but without success …

My ip from internet modem is,
HA have, Gateway:, DNS
On modem open port 8123 forward to port 8123
I have a choice TCP, UDP or TCP/IP , try all
I use some other device with port 80,81,443,23560,5900 forward to diferent device, all work fine
Any idea ?

It has something to do with it cloud or paying some licence or something ?


Try the add on “TryCloudflare” :+1:

“Note: you’ll need to keep the cloudflared app running in the background to keep things operational.”

not applicable

Did you try restarting the router by any chance? Most routers can just add a port forward without a restart but probably not all so if you haven’t tried that yet then probably a good idea.

Also, when you are trying to connect to HA via your external IP, are you trying to do so from inside your network? Like trying to hit from your computer which is on your Wifi? Most routers these days support reverse NAT but not all do. If yours doesn’t then you won’t be able to hit your router via its external IP from inside the network but it will work fine from outside the network. You can test that by using your phone or something and turning off wifi temporarily so its off your LAN network.

Otherwise I’m not really sure, it sounds like you’re doing everything right. Maybe your router has a problem with specific ports or unintuitive steps required for doing port fowarding? You’d have to look up your router model and its instructions.

For changing the port, that is configured here.

@RudiEteric have a look at this well written guide: Remote access for Home Assistant

Thankyou for trying help me. Yes i try from outside, from my phone with lte, from work, restart router, nothing. I try now change port, otherwise, im sure, problem not in my side… Is there a way to check this port 8123 on the computer on windows 10 ? ping or somethig or software ?

Finally, i changed the port form 8123 to 88 and now work all, from outside http and android app… Thankyou all.
… now the learning begins :slight_smile:

In that case, chances are, that port 8123 is blocked/filtered by your ISP. Either way I’m glad it works now.

Furthermore, @RudiEteric , while your goal to access from outside has achieved now, you probably also have realized by now that (a) the connection (http) from outside is not encrypted, plus (b) the port 88 would be open to everyone with good or bad intensions alike - to reach inside your house.

As such, I would recommend / urge you to follow @nick4’s comment above, to properly secure that hole on your home network.

If your HA setup could do add-ons, I’d personally recommend DuckDNS + NGINX reverse proxy add-ons.

Not familiar with PRTG, but looks like the topic has been discussed a couple times here.

Finally, welcome aboard!! There are learning curve ahead, but with some patience I’m sure you’d handle those just fine.

Thankyou for advice