Access Grafana dashboard directly through Duck DNS

I have the current Home Assistant installed on a Windows server using Virtual Box. I have installed Influx DB and Grafana and both are working fine. I have also installed the DuckDNS add on to support secure remote access to HA.
I would still like to be able to access the Grafana dashboard directly from a browser while at home rather than through Ingress. But I cannot get that to work. I set port 3000 in the Grafana network configuration. But if I try to access https://[]:3000 I get “unable to connect” from Firefox or “cannot find that page” from Edge. I this possible?

Finally sorted this out.
I can just use https://192.168.x.x:3000 from my browser. First time in I had to accept the security risk. Also had to review the note in the documentation regarding the used ID and password.

Hello Gibber!

I facing with that challange as well)
Can you share some details?

I added these strings to config

    value: “true”
    value: Main Org.
    value: Viewer

but links to dashboards generated by Grafana not working without auth.

Hi zdjabbar,
Wow! That was a long time ago. I honestly cannot recall why I thought I needed to use access via DuckDNS to being with but simply bypassing it and using the direct IP address worked well. I have since quit using DuckDNS , switched to Twingate for remote access so I cannot recreate the situation above.
Did you try just browsing to https://IP address:3000?