Access HA installed in VM through mobile iOS

I am running HA in a Virtual Machine. I would like to access, for viewing/demo purposes, the HA UI via the phone’s browser or through the iOS HA app.

Attempt 1) Typing in the IP address in my Safari browser does pop up the HA UI.
Attempt 2) After downloading the HA iOS app, I type in the IP address in the URL text box without success either.

Any tips on how to get things working, please?

Are you adding :8123 after the address?

If on your phone, are you connected to your local WiFi? If not, have you setup remote access?

Yes, I am adding the :8123 after the IP.
The phone and the laptop (where VM is installed) are both on the same WiFi network.
Just FYI, the laptop IP is 192.etc.etc.etc while the laptop’s VM IP where the HA UI pops up is 10.etc.etc.etc:8123

That 10.x.x.x IP is possibly for a network local to the VM Host+Guest. You can look at the network settings of your VM to configure this.

In your VM settings you need to BRIDGE the vmnic to your physical network adapter or you can probably use the IP address of your host to access the web GUI, if you don’t understand the virtual network configurations

I changed the NAT to Bridged as you suggested and got a 192.etc.etc.etc IP address. On the iPhone browser I type in the 192.etc.etc.etc:8123 and it looks as if it is loading but without success. On the HA iOS app I typed in the http://192.etc.etc.etc:8123 and again looks as if it is loading but without success either. I think I am one more tweak away. Thank you all for the help so far! Any tips for the last part?

Can your browser on your computer get to that IP and port?

Are you sure your phone wifi is on the same subnet as the computer and the VM?

192.etc.etc.etc is very generic, and not helpful.

Make sure the first 3 sets of numbers (octets) match up, like 192.168.1.x

Thank you once again for the troubleshooting.
Yes, I can connect to the VM HA from the Windows browser by pointing to 192.A.B.E:8123.
The phone is under 192.A.B.C
The laptop is given 2 IPs (Windows and VM). The Windows is under 192.A.B.D and the VM is under 192.A.B.E.
The Philips Hue is under 192.A.B.F and the WeMo is under 192.A.B.G.
As you suggested the first three octets match up!

Just so you know, anything with a 192.168.x.x is OK to publicly post. Those are private IP ranges that are not publicly routable. You can safely post the actual internal IP addresses for troubleshooting. It makes things much easier for those assisting.

Is there some sort of firewall in place on your router that filters your wifi to wired traffic?

I did a Wireshark and I see that the packets are not going through. There is a TCP message not acknowledged error. I have made sure that my phone and my system (running HA) are on the same netmask and subnet of 192.168.0.X. what do you think is going on?? Your help will be much appreciated

This sounds kind of like an issue with a firewall of some sort on your router separating the wifi from the wired.

@flamingm0e Any tips on that? I want to be able to access HA while I am at work. What should I check for the firewall? Thank you!

Check your router for any kind of configuration that would isolate your WiFi and wired network

That doesn’t really make any sense at all.

You should be able to access your HA internally without any kind of port forward, and without any DynamicDNS. You have just opened up your Home Assistant install to the world. I do hope you have SSL and proper password on it.

You have not solved the real issue, only found a really bad workaround.