Access old HASSIO filesystem

I have a very old installation of core-0.84.3. It’s function is mainly to call a rest command and use http to play a mp3 file on another system when a sensor is triggered.
Its zwave comes from a vera.

I had to replace a door sensor so the id changed from 66 to 188.
I was going to use configurator on port http://hassio:3218 to edit the automatons file but found it was no longer loading.
Then I tried to start SSH, no go
Samba , also no go
I think these apps have updated to a point they don’t work on my old system.
I tried using the http://hassio:8123/config/automation editor and it seemed to make the changes but they don’t work.

I’ve created a new system with the current version and have two questions.

  1. how I can retrieve the old automations.yaml file without the above addons
  2. Is my old automations.yaml file compatable with the newest version?

Additionally, is there a way in the new version to house and directly play mps files when triggered by a sensor change?

if I attach a kb and monitor, what the best way to get the automatons file off the pi?