Access raspberry pi via macos terminal to configure zwave

Hi there,

I’m currently trying to access my raspberry pi via macos terminal to conduct following configuration:

to include my raszberry board.

SSH server is running and access as root is possible. But to perform sudo-commands I have to access to my raspberry as user pi, as stated here:

I’m able to conncet as user pi, but the password isn’t “raspberry” as stated in the aforementioned website. I’ve tried every possible pwd, but nothing works. Where could I find the pwd for the pi-user?

It is what you set it to. But if you can access it as root then do so and run the following from the commandline

passwd pi

Follow the online prompts to set a new password.

But anything you can do via sudo, can be done by root anyway. If you have root access you don’t need sudo.

Unfortunately it’s not possible. When I access as root@“my-ip” then I’m on the hassio command interface. And there I cannot perform some sudo commands or the command you mentioned.

Now I am confused whether you are using hassbian or hassio?

If you want to access the hassio home assistant component there are instructions about, it involves putting a key file in the ha container, and then accessing on a higher port, 22222 I think. Sorry I don’t have the details to hand, I am not a hassio user.

Oh, looks I’m confused to.

Sorry, I didn’t recognized in the documents a difference between hassio and hassbian.

I have got installed on my rasperry pi. The commands described in:

aren’t applicable in a installation?

I just want to perform this action:

I’m trying to disable my bluetooth (cause I’ve installed a Razberry board).

How can I access my rasperry to do “sudo” commands?

You’re on hassio.

You’re not going to accomplish the same thing with the same steps. Hassio is locked down and not configurable in this manner. There is no sudo. There is no configuration…

Ok, thanks.