Access shell from windows

Due impossibility to get full via pip on older kernels non docker capable i am switching to image.

Next absurd difficulty is to configure the system, so i need to access shell.

Is there any way?

Have you tried reading the getting started guide?

There are literally instructions on how to access your device once you have hassio installed.

No way, i have no cable.
And the wifi still does not work.


What does this mean?

There should be clarified hassos is a closed system with no shell access which needs lan cable to be initialized. And wifi cannot be configured because there is no shell access.

It’s not my case, deleting this image.


This is entirely inaccurate.

Again, not true.

Once again, you guessed it, not true.

You really need to learn the documentation before you start spouting off these inaccuracies.

Still waiting for an answer.

Need to access shell to configure wifi WITHOUT networking.

There is no tutorial at all.

Points to web access, which needs lan

Needs linux OS, not the average user, or simply read the thread title.

Any other way, or simply any way?

Seriously, read the title.

Thanks 4 your time.

See step 3.

Seriously, read the link

No it doesn’t.

No, you need to read the link

Yes, read the link

Since you don’t want to read the documentation and want it all handed to you on a silver platter, here you go:

  1. Optional - set up the WiFi or static IP. There are two possible places for that:
  • On a blank USB stick with Fat32 partition (partition label: “CONFIG”), while in / directory, create network/my-network file
  • or on Hassio SD card first, bootable partition (might not be auto mounted in Linux) create CONFIG/network/my-network file For the content of this file follow the HassOS howto.

Ok, my bad.

But remember it would spare posts like this to enable usual Linux shell, username and password.

Armbian and raspbian are WAY EASIER.


First of all, HassOS is an APPLIANCE and not a general use distro. There is nothing you are going to do in the console of it to connect to WiFi, so the problem here is that you are inaccurately thinking that you can do something in the console. You can’t.

Secondly, it would spare posts like this if you would read the documentation.

Those are general linux distros…completely different purpose altogether.