Access Smartthings washer and dryer door sensor?

Good afternoon, all.

I’ve moved into a new home which included getting a new washer and dryer. We wound up with a couple Samsung units, which have native wifi and smartthings integration.

I’m trying to automate alerts and statuses through Home Assistant, which mostly work - I have the Smartthings integration working, and I can get stop-running-complete status pushes through the smartthings API. What I’m not getting is status on the door. Clearly the units have door sensors - they know not to start when the doors are open. None of this data is exposed to smartthings or accessible to HA.

I’ve searched around and don’t seem to see anything about this, so am not sure if it’s not possible or something I need to change in smartthings, or in HA.

Anybody solved this, short of slapping some external sensors on the doors, which I’d prefer to avoid? Thanks!

I could be wrong, but I’d say if it doesn’t show up as a sensor in SmartThings it’s only used internally and not exposed in any usable way.
It looks like the only recourse is to “slap some external sensors on the doors.”

Thanks, Russell.

I was certainly hoping that was not the case, that maybe there was a way to get it to expose by turning on some options or something. Or perhaps it was already exposed and I just wasn’t looking in the right place.

Oh well, guess external sensors or manual “clean to dirty” switch it is!