Access still image from MotionEye without authenticating

I made a post on the subreddit but didn’t get any response.

Is there any way to access the still image url for a cam in motion eye without authenticating?

So I have an RTSP Wyzecam in motion eye. It has a stream url that works fine from any other computer on my network. But if I try to access the still image url, it give me an http 401 error from other computers. It works fine on the computer if I have already logged into hone assistant. I need to make it so that a specific computer can access that URL without authenticating.

You trying to access still image from motioneye application or from HA application?

Motioneye provides authenticated weblink to current snapshot as well as possible to access direct video stream. The stream has no authentication to access.

For HA maybe you can have automation that adds photo to HA www folder and access there. Otherwise you can enable old legacy_api auth provider to allow easy weblink to access image

Also for HA the trusted_network auth provider can be used to allow the pc access image without login

The trusted_network auth doesn’t work for this. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s trying to get to an Ingress URL.

And isn’t the legacy auth provider going to be deprecated in some future release? I don’t want to use that if it’s just going to break soon.

Did you verify device can access HA with no user/pass?

Maybe. I forget

I believe I had this same issue you may be having and just decided it was simpler to get images and video streams directly from motioneye OR directly from hdd/NAS storage location

Yes. I just tested with my laptop. When I go to home assistant, it has 2 options. One is to login using the normal user name and pass and the other option was to use trusted networks. When I selected trusted networks, I could get into home assistant, but still couldn’t access the still image unless I login using the normal login.