Access the Pi command line from Terminal (macOS)

Hi all,

So my raspberry pi is encrypted and I can access it fine from my web interface, but when I do
ssh [email protected]
in order to access the pi interface, it asks me for a password that I don’t know. How do I move forward?
I am guessing it has something to do with the private key generated from Let’s Encrypt but how do I find that?

Have a look at this video,

I have seen this video but is not helping, I am not using a private key file, I am just using a password and the settings of OpenSSH on the web interface are set up correctly, but still, I cannot log in even with the password that I have provided.

try using Fing or a similar app to find the IP of the Pi
The username for HassIO is root if that helps

I know the IP address of my machine (I am using hassio.local just for convenience), and I am able to access the “root” (ssh [email protected]) by using the password that I have provided on the OpenSSH user interface. What I am not able to access is the “Pi” profile

HassIO only uses the root user as it is not raspbian

I am pretty sure you can access “pi” as user (as suggested in the previous video)

The video says you must login as root because that is the only username created when you install the SSH add on "The username for login over ssh is root"
Read the link above for more info

Oh right!! So I guess you are locked out one you install (no more access to all of the folders, rip)

One last thing how would I go on to install the OpenZWave Control Panel (OZWCP) web application. Like I need access to the “Pi” user no?

Look at HASS IO docs here’s the doc explaining Zwave