Access to Backup Folder

I have searched but the only references are not with using HassOS, which is my installation. So my question is how do I access the backup folder (where snapshots are stored) from appdaemon? I can access other folders such as /config, /data, etc. Using SSH, I can see what folders are there, and can access most through AD, such as /bin, /config, /data, etc., but not backup. The backup folder is listed and also has all the same permissions as everything else so I don’t think that is it either. Any help would be appreciated.

# works with /config folder
    def create_snapshot(self, kwargs):
        path = r'/config'
        files = os.listdir(path)

# 2020-12-04 19:37:09.083119 INFO snapshot: [ 'www', 'OZW_Log.txt', 'appdaemon',  'themes.yaml', etc.. 

# does not work with /backup folder
    def create_snapshot(self, kwargs):
        path = r'/backup'
        files = os.listdir(path)

# FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/backup'

Did you get this to work?

No, nothing yet unfortunately.

The fastest was to access your backup folder on homeassistant:

1.) Install Samba Share on Homeassistant
2.) enter “\homeassistant” (without brackets) in your windows PC windows explorer to access network drive
3.) enter your credentials that you setup with samba and check “remember credentials”.
4.) You can also map a network drive in windows 10 for quick access through windows explorer.

Its also a great way to back up your configuration yaml file.

Ed from the Netherlands made a very nice video that will get you started with Samba Share (basically a tool for accessing your homeassistant through your network).