Access to HA web interface


I’m switching from windows to a MacBook, and would like to connect to HA running on RPI 4 through the web interface. I’ve tried http://homeassistant:8123 both in Safari and Mozilla, as I would on the windows machine, but this says “Safari can’t establish a secure connection”. I’ve been reading around but cannot find how to solve this, which could also be because I’m entirely new to Mac and might miss some basics. Could someone help me where to start to solve this?


You should be able to add an exception in Firefox.

Should it not be 8123, mine is.

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Yes of course, I’ve changed that in the post now.

While trying the exceptions suggested, I came to find that http://homeassistant.local:8123 works, both in Mozilla and Safari and nothing else needed to be further adjusted. So easier than I thought.

Thank you for the quick responses!