Access to HA without internet (router)

I’m interested in automating my vacation home without internet. How can I connect to Pi (hassio) with just an internet cable?

I have done so and found the MINIMUM is an Internet connection to a rock solid modem/router at the site. You can at least monitor and control things that use their company provided cloud (ie Tuya, Schlage locks, wifi thermostats) and remember you are now dependent on the robustness of each of those “clouds”.
My experiments as a Rental Property Manager has shown me that automating commercial vacation properties will NOT replace a local or near local physical presence. Assist yes, replace NO!

I don’t understand this sentence. If you have no internet what use is an " internet cable"?

And to put emphasis on my previous comment. My units also have Wink hubs in them. Last night I could not communicate with ANY door locks of the rentals (they connect via the Wink cloud). Had local friends go to reset the routers and hubs - no effect, tried reconfigure - no effect, tried calling Wink tech support - busy line, tried to send email to Wink support - receipient mail server failure, checked the status of Wink cloud - “Major Outage”… finally, the Wink cloud came back online just now and life is stable again but…
just a warning about putting things you wish to control in unknown hands.

You’re talking about using cloud services and the OP is talking about using Home Assistant with NO internet…I’m confused here.

I believe the OP wants to use Home Assistant on a local wired network with no Internet access.

I would not recommend Hassio because I know, at a minimum, it is hard codes to try and get its time from Google’s NTP servers.

Hassbian, Docker, or a manual vend installation should work fine, though. What Hassio addons would you need? Many times you can get the same functionality without Hassio.

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I will be more explicit. There is no internet, so there is no router. To Vera I can connect with an internet cable and have access to the interface, as if I were connected to the router. That’s what I want to do, to connect Pi to my PC with an internet cable and access the HA interface.

I would not recommend Hassio because it will keep looking for Internet access.
The other Home Assistant installation methods should work OK.

It appears if you want to use your Vera as a hub for Home Assistant, you just need to configure it.

Via a network, aka, a router or switch of some sort to connect the devices together, which the OP has stated a couple of times now that they do not have or want.

You do not need a router, just a network hub or switch. If you only have the 2 devices, just a network cable will work. You do not need a router.

They said they did not have a router, not that they did not have a switch. Unfortunately the current home router is really 4 devices.
Wireless Access Point

It shoulf more properly be canned a gateway or something. The term network router was defined long before the home market router.

Now they are redefining “mesh” for the home network to just mean a star topology. :angry:


I am well aware of how a consumer router works and what its functions are.

They specified ROUTER, which in layman’s terms (AKA MOST PEOPLE) that is the switch too.

You would need a network switch to connect the Vera to the Pi and so you could connect to the Pi at the same time. You could do that with a home router without needing to connect it to the Internet.

A network cable can only connect 2 devices together and you would have three unless you bought a USB stick for your Pi.