Access to my.homeassistant

In trying to include the Venstar integration, I find that it is not available in the UI and attempting to load it using the link on the Venstar information page results in the my.homeassistant link not working.
The default_config entry in the configuration file exists and I have inserted the my: entry to see if that had any effect. The my: entry is now commented out.
Any idea why the Venstar integration is not available in the UI? Any idea what is preventing access through the my.homeassistant link. The 8123 port is open on my router for the NAS hosting the HA installation.

Check your version of Home Assistant, it only moved to UI setup in 2021.11

My HA installation is running on my NAS in Docker. The version is reported as 2021.9.4.r01 and there does not seem to be an update available. The struggle to get past the login to my installation as offered by the Venstar documentation web page is failing. The login and password, I believe, are correct. Changing either the login or password causes the login routine to fail immediately while using my documented login causes the login to proceed (apparently) but returns a message that it could not connect. The reccomended 8123 port is open on the router as reported by several apps that check open ports. I am at a loss and awaiting an updated HA package for my Docker installation.

The login problem is related to the Samsung Internet browser. Using Chrome on my phone or tablet works fine as does Edge on my laptop. There is a remaining error ’ Error - Config flow could not be loaded’ when installation is attempted. I am thinking this is caused by the HA version being inadequate. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an update available to ver. 2021.11 or later for my Docker installation.
Asustor has released HA version 2021.12. All of the issues are now resolved. Updates in this version are very impressive.