Access to Reolink Camera's Saved Events via HA

Newbie here - HA installed on RPi4 and seems to run without problems. I’m getting to know the terms and options.

I haven’t added the HACS access yet, because my Reolink cameras were detected immediately, and I’ve been able to add PictureGlance cards to my Dashboard okay without finding a plug in from there.

BUT - my big question is regarding the detected events the cameras have themselves found and stored on their respective SD cards. Are those accessible to HA?

On my dashboard can see the camera views, and I can see their state flipping into person or motion detect to say a “person” or “vehicle” is there. In the HISTORY tab I can see a timeline of such state events. When I access the camera with the Reolink App I can look at each event it stored on its SD card there.

One path seems to be using Frigate to process video and detect events, but that work is already done in the camera, so I’d really just like to see those events through HA somehow. Is this possible? Is this what the HACS integrations bring to me?

A little lost, as I thought this would be the number one thing to use HA + Camera to do, yet I can’t find a path to it.


Have you found a solution yet? I’m in the exact same situation

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I’m also in the process of installing reolink cams
I have the same problem accessing the video/photo history via HA via the HA app
I found the solution via FTP in the home network
Simply create the share/… folder in the camera ftp
and then I can access normally via any explorer via a samba connection
You can also do this via file editor if you go into the config

enforce_basepath: false

the problem with the file editor
You can’t download the files in the app
Browser window opens with error message


It should actually work in the HA media player
the cameras are listed there
You can see the files but playing them doesn’t work
not even on the home network
It would be nice if this worked over HA
I don’t want to use a cloud

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I found a way
Put the FTP folder in the camera
on “media/…”
Don’t forget the media/camera name, this will make it clearer
You can then find everything in the media player under “my media”.
Of course, this solution is only for HA systems with enough memory
The data is not directly from the SD card

a small setback the HA app is causing difficulties
it even hangs up
I don’t have a solution yet