Accessing Frigate recordings

I have Frigate running with 4 cameras and everything works fine. I do have some events listed with recordings that will not play when I click them. I am running in on the same machine as HASS using HASSOS. How do I get access to the container holding the recordings so I can see how much space has been used and what not?

It might depend on your installation. I have debian 11 with supervised installation and all frigate recordings files are in /usr/share/hassio/media/frigate

Events not playing could be a number of things. Would need to see the config along with what the actual playback error is.

I installed using the HassOS ISO so Frigate is installed in a container but Home Assistant doesn’t want any container management apps installed so I cant get to the location of the storage. That really is the problem.

I really want to start by being able to access the recordings. It should be easy like with any NVR app.

No one will be able to help you unless you provide more information


  • your frigate config
  • a copy or screenshot of the error you’re getting
  • confirmation that you’re running frigate as an addon

You can’t run in docker other containers beside home assistant containers because it will throw you an error or unsupported installation. This probably can be done but I haven’t got a time to play with it.
You can install portainer in home assistant from ie. this repo.
In portainer you can see path that you are looking for.

I’m just asking how to browse the recording in Frigate not diagnose any errors. I don’t see how my config would help. I’m just going to take it that it is not possible outside of what Frigate gives you in the UI.

Daniel, that is exactly the issues I have run into. I think I am going to look at redoing my setup with a Supervised install so that I can use the extra recourses of the PC that runs HA right now. I think this is very short sited on HA’s side but what do you expect for free.

You can view any recordings by simply going to the recordings page in frigate (different from the events page). You can also view it in the media section in HA assuming you have the HA integration installed. There’s also lots of APIs to download whatever recordings you want HTTP API | Frigate

I understand that. Sorry if I was not clear but the issue is that there is no mechanism to see how much space you have used or have remaining for storage.

Okay, that was definitely not clear. This feature has already been added to the next version of frigate (0.12)

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